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The Premier Business Membership Organization 

How’s MunnCo Going to Boost My Profits?

We Do the Negotiations

Traditionally, individual companies negotiate individual contracts with major organizations for their business services including IT products, HR tools and Accounting Software.


You Get Bargaining Power

The individual companies do not have much leverage to negotiate better pricing, but by grouping the buying power of tens of thousands of individual companies together, MunnCo provides access to top-tier vendors.


You Save Money

The vendors get a dedicated and well-maintained member base; MunnCo’s members receive better pricing on innovative business services. It’s a true definition of a “Win-Win”.

MunnCo Will Pay All of Your LLC Filing Costs

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This probably seems too good to be true, but pinch yourself it's true. MunnCo will help you file and pay every dime of your state's LLC filing costs. By helping new companies get set up, they see the immense benefit of becoming a MunnCo Member. 

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How A MunnCo Membership Works

MunnCo, LLC is a Seattle-based Business Membership Organization (BMO) startup that aggregates the buying power of businesses to give them access to top-tier business vendors with pre-negotiated programs that optimize our members’ growth.

MunnCo’s innovative portfolio of vendors provides numerous services to increase efficiency, grow your business and boost profits. MunnCo has aggregated the buying power of tens of thousands of companies together to negotiate top-tier pricing on various business services.

Become a MunnCo Member today and receive access to our premium discounts! If you're not fully satisfied, MunnCo will happily fully refund your membership fee. 

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