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4 SEO Secrets Every Small Business Having A Website Should Know


Running a small business is no easy feat as resources, staff and time for marketing are limited. However, having a small business does not mean that you need to have a small online presence too.

A website, while being low cost, can help promote your business through online marketing.

To make an impact in the industry, you need to utilize SEO marketing. Search engine optimization helps drive traffic to your site, by improving your rankings. 4 easy but effective you can do it are:


The relevance of the content of the business is most important. Search engines like to see that the information posted is up to date and will pick a more recent article over an outdated one.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to keep writing new content based on your keywords.

Find subjects that are related to your product or service and write new articles which give information that your target consumer or customer is interested in.


You need to use 1-4 keywords in every 100 of your written content.  More importantly, what is relevant is where you use them.

Keywords should be incorporated into the title tag of your blog or article, in the subtitle and the rest should be spread out evenly throughout.

This way search engines will notice that your content is highly relevant to the keyword since it is used not just in the header but throughout the content.


To break the monotony of the written word and to capture the reader’s attention, use pictures which convey the same message.

It is important to use pictures that are relevant to the subject. Try and use keywords in the image URL and the caption of the picture.

So, if customers do an image search with a keyword, you will have an additional method of directing them to visit your site.


SEO Audit is one of the most important tools that can provide detailed insight and overview of your website’s current standing.

Often described as a process of altering and strengthening a website’s online relevancy, an SEO Audit typically covers important components of a website, such as content-related issues, site architecture, indexing, backlink analysis and social-media engagement.

Understanding these components and how they work is an important part of identifying the strength, weaknesses, and potentials a website has in natural search.

Below are some benefits of an SEO Audit that businesses can take advantage of.

1. Know your competition and learn how to stay ahead of them.

2. Know the current health of your website and issues that hinder your business’s online visibility.

3. Increase your domain authority by applying the right SEO strategy.

4. Optimise your website for search engines and fix identified on-page issues.

5. Maximise the prospect of generating volumes of targeted online traffic.

6. A better understanding of the factors that affect your website’s search engine ranking.

7. Find if all your web pages are crawled and indexed by search engines.