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Association Partners

Industry Associations and MunnCo have the same goal: Provide the tools and capabilities to empower our Members' businesses to prosper.


By partnering together, MunnCo Partner Associations create a strong value-add to their membership by connecting their members with top-tier vendors at national-tiered pricing. 

MunnCo Partner Association Benefit

1: member engagement

The more value and services your Association offers, the more attractive your Association will become to new members. Providing the MunnCo Partner Association program to your members will save them both time and money, building trust and rapport, while encouraging more engagement.

A MunnCo partnership can have a substantial impact on your efforts to expand enrollments, with or without due requirements. The annual savings generated by the supplier programs consistently balances your association membership dues, resulting in added benefits to your membership offering.

Benefit 2: non-dues revenue

When your members utilize our Vendor Portfolio, we prosper and so do our Association Partners by receiving a percentage of the revenue MunnCo brings in from your Association. 

Benefit 3: Recruitment & retention

Offering tremendous options for saving money on products and services that members are already purchasing will make your Association indispensable. Leveraging the collective needs of thousands of companies to secure your members’ money on needed contracts with top-tier Vendors will give you the competitive edge amongst Associations. You are not only adding financial value, but you are also giving your members a competitive edge by joining your association.