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Reduce Healthcare Costs by $1,000/employee/year on average.

Helping employers lower healthcare costs with predictive analytics. 

Improve health and lower your costs.

DSHS's formula is simple. They are not limited by available claims data. Rather, they combine claims data with additional metrics (e.g. biometrics, vision test results, a health questionnaire) to produce the highest-powered analytics in healthcare. Accurate risk-scoring enables population health managers to zero in quickly and effectively on high priority cases. They identify the 3-5% of members that will drive the big tickets. Help us help you help them. It's easier than you think.


Converting data into healthier employees and significant savings is easier than you think! Want to learn more? Access DataSmart's whitepaper.


DataSmart Solutions Recognized as One of the 20 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2016 by Healthcare Tech Outlook. Read more here.

How it Works

We use more complete data resulting in more accurate solutions.

30 percent of employees will have no medical or Rx claims this year, and 30 percent will spend $500 or less. That means you will gather very little information from medical claims on 60 percent of those on your health plan.

See the future today and act now to avoid major upcoming plan costs.

Our data is aggregated and analyzed to produce easy to understand risk scoring that helps focus early intervention resources. Significantly lower your healthcare expenses in the first year of implementation, some of whom will account for a significant cost in the next 12 months. That is why relying on medical and Rx data alone produces a mere 28% accuracy when predicting who will need costly medical care.

But if you add vision data, your accuracy increases. And by adding biometric lab values, consumer data, our health risk assessment data, and other data sources, you can achieve a predictive accuracy of up to 75%.

The return on investment is immediate.

The power of our model comes from our capture and analysis of data on many more persons than other healthcare analytics providers utilize. And, rather than depend entirely upon eligibility, Rx, and medical datasets from which to draw conclusions, we add vision, HRA, biometric and lab data to our analysis engine. The result? A near three-fold greater accuracy in predicting your drivers of next year's healthcare costs.


MunnCo + DataSmart Solutions Partnership

MunnCo has partnered with DataSmart Solutions to give our members exclusive access to an Account Manager that will walk them through their healthcare costs and maximize their cost-reductions. 

On average, Members receive $1,000/employee/year savings in healthcare costs. 

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