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Save Thousands of Dollars with Reduced Processing Times

Endlessly chasing paper? Wish you could pin down cash flow? Watch this to see how small and medium sized businesses can revolutionize processes for greater visibility and happier employees.

With Concur you can:

  • Get complete visibility into spending as it’s happening
  • Process expenses and invoices 30% faster
  • Ensure spending stays within your policies
  • Keep your business on track and on budget

Concur small to medium business solutions for managing spending

Concur Expense

Automate your expense management from receipt capture to employee reimbursement. Submit and approve from any mobile device. This streamlined process gives business leaders insight and control over compliance and costs. Lose the paper and get back time with Concur Expense.

  • Expense automation resuluts in a 59% decrease in the cost of every expense report transaction
  • Visability into expenses decreases the cost of each expense report from $41 to $11.

Concur Invoice

Simplify business by automating accounts payable. Get full visibility into spending, before it happens and as it happens. Easily track invoices, manage exceptions and speed up vendor payments. Approve from anywhere on a mobile device. Catch duplicate invoices before you overpay. Concur Invoice saves you money and time.

  • Concur will capture your invoice data for you, eliminating paper and reducing erros.
  • Concur Invoice can cut the cost of processing an invoice by 80%.
  • Companies without integrated invoice solution take 3.86 times as long as process invoices.

Concur Travel

Your travelers can easily book flights, hotels and cars from a desktop or mobile device. And since your travel policy is built right into the solution, it’s easy to book in-policy, control costs and get big-picture visibility.

  • 47% of non-compliant travlers cite convience as their reason for breaking policy.
  • 40-50% of hotel bookings are booked outside approved methods.
  • 28% of air bookings are booked outside approved methods.

MunnCo + Concur Partnership

MunnCo Members receive an exclusive 10% off their monthly expense reporting, saving hundreds per year!


A firm has 10 employees who travel monthly and average 2 expense reports per month per employee; 20 reports/month. Normal pricing is $10/travel expense report; or $2,4000 over 12 months. 

A MunnCo Member would save $240/year with our 10% discount program as well as dedicated customer service. 

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